2012: Mother Earth speaks about Osama Bin Laden’s death

Rejoice in his passing but pray for peace and divine order for all beings on Earth

May 2, 2011

Mother Earth speaks about Bin Laden’s death:

When it comes to death, there are many ways to view it depending on your customs and traditions.  Is it time to morn? Celebrate? Be in peace? There is a whole cycle to the grieving process that endures a variety of emotions including sadness, anger  and relief. How are you celebrating the death of Bin Laden? It seems that people are rejoicing  from around the world praising and being in the glory that “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” has brought justice once and for all.  His death brings closure for the empty holes that he has left in the hearts of many around the globe as he ripped  loved ones aways in mere seconds: woman, men and children never differentiating between race, color, religion or social status.  

His hatred and deception has been clearly stated that his love for God is twisted and those who follow him are deceived from the true meaning of God’s love and his understanding of peace. Although, Bin Laden’s death is justified by many from around the world, is it truly the time to rejoice or is it time for each one of you as individuals to take this moment and send out heart-felt love to those who now feel the loss of their prized leader, Osama Bin Laden? Yes, you must say this is a crazy thought and to send any love to the beings who are most deceitful is a feat that is impossible for you to consider.  But, it is important for you to realize that in their beloved leader’s absence there is sadness, anger and deception – more than what had already existed in their perceptions.  For in this glorious moment of your celebration, the fuel has now been fed to the fire and now is the time for the actions of the misled to live in anguish and retaliation. Like a naughty child who has cheated, stolen, lied or  hurt others he will repeat his actions again and again until he his caught – for his ego becomes self-absorbed in the moment of his own righteousness. This is the same for the followers and members of this vicious and horrific group of low-frequency beings. They will strike again for they know that they have done it before and they can do it again. 

So, now, if you feel it is necessary to celebrate in the love of your country, for the land and lands of the free, please do so. If you feel there is satisfaction of his death in honor of your loved ones that have passed away and rejoice in the fact that Bin Laden is not available on this planet to spread hatred and evil doings, then enjoy your moment.  But, at the same time, pray for him and all his followers that they will see the light of all their wrongdoings and that they will begin to understand the true meaning of God and this sacred planet that they live on so it can be a world filled with harmony and peace. Keep praying for world peace by repeating the prayer that we have given to you. You can find this prayer on www.2012motherearth.com/prayer.htm For without world peace you have nothing. Blessings dear one – be safe and always be in the light.
Mother Earth and the Council

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