2012: Mother Earth Blessings to all Mother’s

The Great Mother loves all her children

May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day

Blessings to all Mother’s of present day and past and to all mother’s who have had children in this world but are not with you physically in this moment.  If you have had a child, but childless now, know that not all is never lost for the spirit of that child grows with you on the other side in other dimensions.  And, if by chance the spirit of that child in not on the other side it is only because they have made the choice to come back and be a part of your world once again. You may not know who your child is reborn as, but your kindred spirits and golden cords will always be attached so there is never, ever complete and total loss as you may have often felt. The same with mother’s in present day and past. Know that you are always attached to your birth mother. Whether your memories of your birth mother are loving or painful does not matter for those are learned behaviors of her physical being. What truly matters on this Mother’s Day is the forgiveness and love that you send to each other.  And, if your mother has passed on always trust that her spirit learns and grows on the other side living in frequencies that she is comfortable with, always having the opportunity to grow and nurture through God’s love.  Recognizing and offering your love to your mother whether she is alive on this earth plane or in other dimensions is the greatest gift of all because it comes from the heart.

Remember, that as a human you have the choice to feel and share the love. You are my child, nurtured by me and fed on my bounty.  As the Great Mother, I know that there are times you may feel alone, abandoned, frustrated or angry. Please take a moment to stop what you are doing, close your eyes, focus on your heart then ask  me, the Great Mother and your Heavenly Father for assistance of peace, love and light, then take a few big, deep calming breathes. Once you feel the shift inside of you smile in gratitude with the understanding that you are never alone. I will always nurture and love you and your Father will always love you and guide you.  So, on this special mother’s day we send you blessings from your Great Mother and Father and all celestial and angelic beings from the Divine Realm. We bring you hope, grace, light and love on your very special day.

Love & Light Always –

Your Great Mother,

Mother Earth

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About Sherinata

Professional Background & Experience: ∞I have been a psychic/intuitive channeler for over 20 years. ∞I send and receive messages from the other side as well as receive messages from personal guides/angels. ∞ I have successfully cleared homes from unwanted guests. These guests from the other side fall under various names such as: ghosts, spirits, waywards entities, etc. (I am sorry but I can not help you with unwanted guests in this physical dimension! ) ∞ Life Coach specializing in reprogramming and balancing: Emotional Needs Physical Needs Trauma Events As well as balancing the frequency of: pain, discomfort, illnesses, diseases or dis'eases' within the body. ∞Chakra Activation Specialist If you are interested in readings, channelings, intuitive and healing work please e-mail me at: sherinata@2012motherearth.com. Please note that currently I am booked up until August and will be available for appointments in mid-August. At that time I will have rates, payments and availability online. I will also be introducing webinars later this this year in various topics of: ∞ What's the big hype about frequency? ∞ Blastoff Healing Activation (Instant healings made simple) ∞ Meditation for healing and empowerment ∞Child Empowerment (ages 5 -12) I am always available for interviews regarding the book and I encourage you to e-mail me if you are interested in me holding a workshop for your organization. sherinata@2012motherearth.com Believe,Trust and Love, Sherinata

One thought on “2012: Mother Earth Blessings to all Mother’s

  1. Sherinata,
    This blog is a fabulous idea and I am very greatful for your postings!
    I have brought your book to Germany and Croatia and there is great interest for it to be translated.
    Much Love and Light,

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