Sherinata’s Message: Can you feel the energy?

Welcome the new energy!

Please accept my apologies for being out of touch, but I promise you I haven’t been out of mind! The loss of contact was two-fold. The first, because of my new email system which took a lot of courage and time for me to transfer and conquer. Secondly, was because I was on a spiritual journey to Boulder, Colorado traveling throughout Colorado and into a portion of Utah. Namely, Arches State Park (Moab), Hovenweep and Mesa Verde and much more. (The sacred land of the 4 corners and the Ancient Pueblo Indians rock dwellers). I had to seize the calling and I promise to give you videos of messages I have recorded very, very soon!

The experience I had in Colorado and elsewhere in the West gave me an in-depth look in th largest shift that has ever happened on this planet. It also gave me a better understanding of how and why we are accountable and personally responsible for our own journey and experiences.  There WILL be changes on this physical planet more than we ever have imagined and it’s time for all of us to prepare spiritually in the best and highest way possible, knowing that whatever happens to us physically is beyond our comprehension. WE are energetic beings, children from the Great Mother and Heavenly Father which gives us the right to heal, create and empower our lives to perfection and harmony whenever we feel it is necessary. We are the tools, we are the energy, we are the beautiful children of the most incredible parents ever. If you are not harnessing your powers now and creating peace and harmony, physically, mentally and spiritually then you are being sucked into the void of darkness. Bring in the light, draw it in with your heart, harness it and let it permeate in and around you. This is how you will find your lives and your health spinning in a positive direction, no matter what is happening around you.

Always remember – today is no different from any other day…its just how you perceive it. It can sprinkle, it can rain, you can have thunderstorms around you, but it’s up to you to decide how you perceive the rain. Will you deflect the rain by using an umbrella? Dance in the rain until it stops or even isolate yourself inside until it stops? Maybe you will cower inside under the bed until the thunder stops. It’s up to you – how do you perceive the rain or a bad day? Now, what will you notice when it stops? The glistening grass and flowers, a rainbow, sunrays or will you notice the mud puddles that get your clothes and shoes dirty, the slick roads that create the traffic jams, or the humidity that messes up your hair for the entire day? Remember, it’s ALL how you PERCEIVE IT!

There are very strong energies happening in and around Mother Earth from Aug. 16 -19. Therefore, many light workers are gathering in large numbers during these dates seeking more knowledge, growing, learning. This is the time to hang tight to your spirit and know that you are truly a child of God and if you have children to teach them this valuable knowledge. The children will be our caretakers. Open yourself up, manifest and produce the dreams that this beautiful, powerful energy of our Great Mother and Father have to offer. This is why the 5th Prophecy and Prayer is ever so powerful on Aug. 20. You are giving the energy permission to be received by you and it is imperative that you are doing the spiritual and mental work. For, just as the lights can not be activated in your home if the circuitry is not available.  We are the lights and the energy is received by releasing new and old resentments, regrets and rejection. It is crucial to the energetic flow to create forgiveness for yourself and others, release judgements and allow love, trust and faith in the Divine to fill your life. This is how you will absorb this new energy.

It is imperative to keep doing your lessons from the book. They are simple but yet they are life changing. If you have finished you will notice great changes in and around your life. You will notice that you look at things differently and you begin to realize that although the world may be in chaos around you, you may feel a sense of peacefulness inside of you. Remember to make meditation a part of your daily routine. Meditation is the best coffee break, bar none – work it into your morning routine and create it to be part of your life. Bat, forgiveness is truly the biggest lesson, it’s just not worth it to carry that heavy baggage around. Once you have finished your lessons you can evaluate to see if there are areas of weakness and you can revisit the lessons or work on yourself during meditation. Although,  the destination is important,the journey is equally important for getting there should be a simple, pleasurable and peaceful task, regardless of the obstacles in your life. You are accountable, take charge of your life and trust.  It is so important for us connect and raise our vibratory level but also with the heartbeat of our Great Mother as it beats at its fullest. Rivers are bulging, volcanoes are blowing, monetary systems are ever so fragile. The instabilities surge as a great divide splits many of us apart. Many of us, with our hearts wide upon, ready to accept responsiblity for their lives and their world while others dig their heads deeper into the sand refusing forgiveness, trust, selfishness, and complete lack of self-defense.

Open yourself up, manifest and produce the dreams that this beautiful, omnipotent energy of our Great Mother and Father have to offer.

Please join in the prayer at your convenience:

1. Live  on air at 1:00pm  on Blog Talk with Beth Lynch: Learn, Live, Love show.
(We will be taking live calls from 1:00 – 1:45 and the prayer will start promptly at 2:00pm).

2. Listen to  the audio version at your convenience at 2012 Mother Earth

3. Copy and print the prayer and take it with you.

Remember, if you can not join in at 2:00pm please feel free to do it at your convenience, your prayers and intentions will always be heard.

Peace & Love –

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Professional Background & Experience: ∞I have been a psychic/intuitive channeler for over 20 years. ∞I send and receive messages from the other side as well as receive messages from personal guides/angels. ∞ I have successfully cleared homes from unwanted guests. These guests from the other side fall under various names such as: ghosts, spirits, waywards entities, etc. (I am sorry but I can not help you with unwanted guests in this physical dimension! ) ∞ Life Coach specializing in reprogramming and balancing: Emotional Needs Physical Needs Trauma Events As well as balancing the frequency of: pain, discomfort, illnesses, diseases or dis'eases' within the body. ∞Chakra Activation Specialist If you are interested in readings, channelings, intuitive and healing work please e-mail me at: Please note that currently I am booked up until August and will be available for appointments in mid-August. At that time I will have rates, payments and availability online. I will also be introducing webinars later this this year in various topics of: ∞ What's the big hype about frequency? ∞ Blastoff Healing Activation (Instant healings made simple) ∞ Meditation for healing and empowerment ∞Child Empowerment (ages 5 -12) I am always available for interviews regarding the book and I encourage you to e-mail me if you are interested in me holding a workshop for your organization. Believe,Trust and Love, Sherinata

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