Mother Earth Speaks: Planetary Changes Coming Soon

Mother Earth Speaks:

heart planet

Blessings dearest ones. The time on earth as you know it will be changing very soon. The cosmic and angelic beings are guiding you, helping you, teaching you. Many of you are listening, listening to your heart that connects you to your higher selves and the cosmic Universe and to the Creator, of All That is. Be it as it may, that if you are NOT doing your lessons and lightening your baggage you are not participating in this shift in the highest and best way possible. Money can not buy you happiness. Know that it is the changes within yourself that create the changes in and around your world.

The Heavenly Father is watching and listening to his children and hearing their prayers and intentions. The cosmos of the Universe and the energetic beings of light see the heart and light activations in and around the planet. The hearts of many are open and grounding the heartbeat of this planet into a higher consciousness. Expect the physical changes for they will be coming soon. Keep your intentions high, your heart open and teach your children to look into their hearts to seek healing, love and light. They must know and remember and practice their connections as much as the elders on the planet for when we speak of frequency and vibration we speak as one consciousness. Let the light shine in each of you. Practice the silence, practice seeing the light, practice seeing perfection and harmony in All That Is that surrounds you. For this is where peace and harmony live.

You can not have light where there is darkness – this includes your own personal physical being and in the world in which you live. Bring in the light and you produce harmony in and around you. This is where the true magic lies. Your world is changing very rapidly and you will notice more changes that will create fear and sadness within those who can not find the light. Open your hearts and clear out your low-frequency vibrations. Know that the highest vibrations are the only skills you can take with you on your journey.

There are many beings waiting to join you for the changes for these beings which are angelic and live in the light will be coming to help teach and guide you in this earth plane. Be well my dear ones. Live in the moment, love in the moment and laugh in the moment. Find peace where ever you are, for it lives and breathes in and around you.

Eternal Love –

Mother Earth

Global Prophecy & Prayer – Aug. 20, 2011 @ 2:00pm

go to for more info

Also, listen Sherinata April 20 @ 1:00pm on Blog Talk Radio w/Beth Lynch: Learn, Live Love for pre-prayer events:

1:00pm: Live call ins, Mother Earth channeling

2:00pm: Take part in the prayer Live

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2 thoughts on “Mother Earth Speaks: Planetary Changes Coming Soon

  1. Hi Sherry,
    Just a word to tell you how much I love reading your blog. I am facinated and very hopeful about the changes that will be coming.
    Thanks for posting.

    See you at Ft. DeSoto!!

    • Thanks so mcuh for reading and following my blogs. Do you get my newsletters, too? I love hearing feedback, this gives me encouragement to know I’m not just posting for my own amusement!
      BTW – the group switched from Ft. Desoto to Anastasia Park in St. Augustine. I just booked a couple days ago, care to join us??? I’ll miss you!

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