Mother Earth Speaks: East Coast Earthquake

The Earthquake experienced yesterday was part of the magnetic shift as the energies align on this planet. There will be more energetic alignments and experiences to come. Know that this is just the very beginning of what you will be experiencing. What will it take for those on the earth to realize that the physical shifts have begun? Until there is tragedy, people will listen and even then their judgements will be heavily skewed. The earth, the water and the land will be tainted by the blood of the non believers. Sadly, this will be the demise of the conditions in which they choose to live.

I am love, I breathe love, I live love.  I am God, I breathe with God, I live with God.  I am One with the Life Force that lives on this Planet. WE are Cosmic Beings living in this Physical Experience on Earth. Believe in the changes, trust in the changes and know that all that exists around you is only consciousness and it is only temporary.  Believe in the knowing that Good prevails all and that the vibrational shift is nothing but a change in consciousness, taking you to a higher vibration.

YOU are the change. Believe, know, love. Believe, know, love. Open you  heart to the synchronicity of  the Earth and the Cosmic Oneness and know that the Divine sanctity of what you understand is the past and present will be the future. You will merge with all that is a higher vibration and the only way you can join in is to believe in all levels of your existence – past and present that you will obtain perfect freedom, alliance and well-being. You are going to a place that will be all healing, all-knowing, all loving.

Thank you to those who took part in the Global Prayers. You are receiving the new energies, they will begin to multiply within you and vibrate as they enter the Earth plane. Feel it, see it, know it and if by chance you feel nothing at all, do not worry for the change IS happening within and around you.   The truth is in your heart. It is cosmic, it is healing and it is creating the spiritual and physical master plan of your future.

Be well dear one.

With Love,

Mother Earth

If you did not get a chance to participate in the Prayer it is not too late! It is important for you to be accountable to receive the energies, to understand why we must be open our hearts to receive this ever so delicate vibration.  At you convenience, take a moment and be mindful of who and what you would like to forgive and release it to the God’s light and replace it with light and love. Thank you – Sherinata

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