Sherinata speaks: Prayer for Hurricane Irene and from Tom Kenyon

The eye of the hurricane is very much like the heart. It is the center of peace, the leading force of energy controlling all that surrounds it. Just like all hurricanes, even when our hearts are at peace there are still volatile changes happening around us. It is up to us to stay centered and on the path of certainty, truth and love rather than falling by the waist side into a wasteland of useless, chaotic and uncertain energy. I just received 2 emails that I had to share with you. They are profound in the messages  and I do believe, as many of you who are reading this, that if we focus on the eye, the center of peace we can deter or lesson the destruction of environmental, economical and personal events that are in our lives. Reading Tom Kenyon’s most recent channeling supports the messages that I have been receiving from Mother Earth. It is from another perspective but very informative and reassuring that WE MUST STAY IN A PEACEFUL STATE as often as possible. We should be expecting much turmoil surrounding and enveloping us, just like Hurricane Irene, but it is up to us to stay centered emotionally and at peace within our hearts and our surroundings so we can handle whatever comes our way.

Please read below for the prayers and information regarding Hurricane Irene from Phoenix, Lynn S. Marks and from the amazing link to Tom Kenyon’s channeling from the Hathor’s. Also, please, please share this with at least 3 friends and support my blog for I promise to be bringing us all closer together with messages from Mother Earth and others.

Peace & Love,

Hurricane Irene Prayer from Phoenix, Lynn W. Marks:

Together We Make a Difference! Whenever you hear, see or think about Hurricane Irene:

* Hold Hurricane Irene in the space of Love
* See her spinning CLOCKWISE in COOL waters
* See her taking the path of Least Destruction for Highest and Best for all
* See her DISSOLVING back to the nothingness from where she came NOW under GRACE
* Feel gratitude for this blessing (even before it is revealed)


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Read: “How to Communicate with  Hurricanes “

Tom Kenyon – Messages from the Hathors

Below is information from Tom Kenyon and the Hathors – Please read this link. It really makes so much sense in relation to Mother Earth’s messages and what messages others are getting. Please share this so we can create a better understanding through our knowledge and that of the cosmos. We know we are up for a lot of  changes regarding energy entering the planet. This also refers to the new energy from our August 20th prayer. Tom Kenyon’s channeling is from August 12.

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