I am a wife of the most supporting husband, a mother of 2 amazing children, an author and someone who loves the beauty and bounty that our planet offers to us and I truly enjoy being around friends and family.

 I feel my job is to make a difference in the lives of many through the gifts that were given to me. I was born with the gift of insight, as every human being is,  however , I opened my gift and was able to receive intuitive messages in my early twenties.  Since then I have received personal messages for myself and for others.  But, in the last 4 – 5 years the messages became very global. I was certain I had to share these messages for the information was clear to me that they were from Mother Earth herself and from the divine beings and ascended masters helping and guiding ourselves and our planet through the upcoming shifts for 2012 and beyond.  They encouraged me to write a book that is called: 2012: Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation. Mother Earth’s Plan for Humanity.

My book  is not just another book about the shifts and changes predicted for 2012. But, I like to call it a handbook because the Divine Realm tells us why we need to prepare for the coming changes and how to create change within ourselves. They explain that our history is the evolution of our thoughts, and our world is merely a reflection of how we physically and emotionally treat ourselves and each other. Once we begin to change our thoughts and beliefs, we will begin to see improvements in our world – both in the environment and in manKind. They have given us a Prayer Plan that includes six personal lessons, one daily prayer and six prophecies for global awareness and personal change.

I believe in God and that he is the Creator of All that is and Mother Earth is the female energy of God with God being the male counterpart. We are created in His image – both male and female – and this constitutes a perfect balance. It is the universal energy of God residing inside of us that connects manKind to every part of creation through pure consciousness.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope to not only bring you messages from Mother Earth but also to enlighten and empower you to understand that life is not just what we see with the naked eye. That there are other worlds beyond what we see and they are magical, empowering, enlightening and healing. 

This shift is not about the Power of Religion. It is about the strength and power that lies within humanity. –  2012 Mother Earth

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